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In Titans Tower, Superboy broods to Robin over whether or not he has a soul. Superboy's mind is attacked by a computer program that makes him shave his head and carve an "L" into his shirt. The Teen Titans try to subdue rampaging Superboy, but he brutally injures them and escapes. Back in Brooklyn, the Outsiders believe they have caught Shift as their recent traitor. They receive a distress call from Robin. Indigo exonerates her lover by revealing she is the traitor, and has secretly been Brainiac 8 the whole time. Brainiac 8 explains that her mission is to destroy them, and nearly defeats the entire team. Arsenal forces her to flee when he gets his biggest gun. The Titans and Outsiders meet to discuss the situation, and this meeting is attacked by rogue Superman Robots. It's revealed that Indigo and Superboy are working for Brainiac and Lex Luthor, who intend to eradicate a generation of heroes. Brainiac 8 explains that Colu is destined to take control after the upcoming crisis. They sent her back in time to kill Donna Troy, as Troy would prevent the rise of Colu. Luthor wants to hurt Superman by forcing him to kill his own son. The Outsiders and Titans defeat the Superman Robots together. Wonder Girl fixes Superboy with the Lasso of Lightning by listening to Ares and embracing her rage. Shift pleads with his lover Indigo, but Brainiac 8 laughs and insists he must kill her to survive. Superboy battles Luthor with Wonder Girl's help, but Luthor uses Kryptonite to escape. Starfire supercharges her powers to defeat Brainiac by blowing up his Skull Ship. Indigo briefly regains control, and explains to Shift that she is a separate program designed to conceal Brainiac 8. Indigo begs Shift to kill her before she loses control again, and he does so by turning her into dead flesh. In the aftermath, Nightwing quits because he didn't want their battles to get personal. It's revealed that Donna Troy is alive in another form on New Cronus, and she decides it is time for her to go home.

Superboy isolates himself at the Kent Farm because he's afraid of hurting someone again. Raven arrives to show him that despite believing otherwise, he does indeed have a soul that is tiny and growing. Despite this, he decides to take a leave from the Titans. Elsewhere in a Hell dimension, it's revealed that Brother Blood has found a way to escape and return home. The Outsiders mourn Indigo. Shift discusses his suicidal thoughts with Metamorpho. Jade enlists Captain Marvel, Jr. to replace Indigo. Arsenal and Jade decide to blow up Outsiders headquarters as it has been compromised too many times.

Issues in event:

Teen Titans (3rd Series) - Issue 24
Outsiders (3rd Series) - Issue 24
Teen Titans (3rd Series) - Issue 25
Outsiders (3rd Series) - Issue 25
Teen Titans (3rd Series) - Issue 26

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