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He was just a normal boy. His parents did not exactly put much attention to him. He was too shy to talk to the girl he had a crush on. He wasn't Peter Parker. He wasn't a nerd, a jock, a band geek, a poser or a stoner. He was just there. But all that would change.

Andy's class had been invited to Horizon Labs to witness Peter's new invention: a device that will generate Parker Particles, a hyper-kinetic form of energy tied into the forces of universal expansion itself. This type of energy would be a clean, affordable, near-limitless power.

As Modell and Tiberius Stone operate the machine from afar, Tiberius asks about Modell's private think tank. Since Dr. Morbius is gone, there is an opening for a spot and he wants to apply. Modell is currently reviewing a whole group of candidates and says that he will consider Tiberius once the next spot opens.

Tiberius neglects to activate the device's safeties, causing the machine to malfunction. Using his agility, Peter takes the students to safety. However, Chrissy Chen, the girl Andy has a crush on, is left behind. Andy gets her to safety, but is hit by one of the machine's beams. The wrecked machines is about to fall on Andy and Chrissy, but Andy unleashes an energy beam that destroys the machine, saving Chrissy.

Later, Peter, Modell and Hector Baez discuss Andy's newfound powers with Andy's parents. Although Andy's parents are concerned, Modell replies that the superhuman specialists are investigating Andy. Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Hank Pym and Beast put Andy's powers to the test, showing that he can manipulate his new energy and manifest as standard superhero powers, such as super-strength, super-speed, force field generation and flight. However, there is one limitation: he can only use one power at once.

According to Reed, Andy's power will grow indefinitely, much like the universe itself. Hulk, Sentry and the Phoenix are omega-level threats, but Andy is the first known alpha-level threat. Reed even says that he discovered the Parker Particles before he did. Since it was through Peter that Andy gained his powers, he must train and keep a watch on him, as Reed believes Hank Pym's school would be inappropriate.

Later, Reed and Modell agree that Andy wil be Alpha, a spokesman for Horizon Labs and superhero-in-training, much to Andy's excitement. Peter will also be responsible to develop Alpha's gear.

Alpha then becomes an instant celebrity. Even at school, he shows off his powers while Spider-Man watches him from afar.

Later, Peter and Mary Jane share a meal with Aunt May and Jay Jameson. They talk about Peter's job and Mary Jane's nightclub. As they leave, Peter and Jay have a private conversation. Jay tells Peter that May is concerned about him, since he didn't call after Doctor Octopus's attack. Peter claims he has been busy and Jay replies that while everyone is busy, he must also be responsible.

After Jay and May have left, Peter talks with Mary Jane about Andy, saying that he is using his powers irresponsibly. Mary Jane believes Peter can't stand Andy because he is doing everything Peter wanted back when he was on high school.

Meanwhile, Andy is making out with Chrissy, who also shows him the new Alpha fan website she created. Upset by some bad comments in the website, Alpha goes out on patrol to prove he can be a hero.

Spider-Man encounters Alpha in a bridge and tells him he was designated to be his handler in the superhero community. He tells Alpha that he must learn to use his powers responsibly. As Spider-Man teaches Alpha the basics of being a superhero, the two begin to bond. However, Spider-Man receives a call from the Fantastic Four and goes to address the emergency, telling Alpha to stay put.

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four battle a gigantic creature summoned by Mole Man. Then, Alpha shows up and knocks out the creature with a single blow, even using the Thing's catchphrase. As Alpha hogs the spotlight with the media, the Thing is upset that Alpha stole his catchphrase. Meanwhile, Reed is upset that Spider-Man revealed Alpha's full extent of his powers to him. Spider-Man is dismayed to learn that he has created a monster.

Meanwhile on an undisclosed location, Jackal watches Alpha from afar. Interested in the Parker Particles, Jackal prepares to pay Alpha a visit.

To be continued...

Issues in story arc:

Amazing Spider-Man, The - Issue 692
Amazing Spider-Man, The - Issue 693
Amazing Spider-Man, The - Issue 694

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