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Jack of Hearts, who had been dead prior to the storyline, arrives at Avengers Mansion. The zombified hero explodes, damaging the mansion. Ant-Man, who approaches his former teammate, is seemingly killed in the blast, but in truth is teleported away by future versions of his daughter, Cassie Lang, and her teammates, the Young Avengers. With Ant-Man presumed dead, Doctor Doom orders Wanda Maximoff to send the Vision (piloting an Avengers Quinjet) to crash into the partially damaged Avengers Mansion, causing more damage.

Elsewhere, the mind-controlled Wanda arrives at the United Nations where she has a conversation with Captain America, who announces that he is ending their fledgling relationship. Furious, Wanda uses her powers to cause Tony Stark to suddenly become drunk and belligerent at an important meeting where the Avengers would have their UN security clearance revoked following the events of Secret War. Attempting to pick a fight with the Latverian ambassador, the Avengers UN charter is revoked as Iron Man leaves Hank Pym in the lurch to respond to the "Code White" from Avengers Mansion.

Leaving the Avengers Quinjet he crashed, Vision warns the Avengers of Doom's plan to destroy the team and then vomits up a series of eggs that spawn Ultron drones that attack the Avengers. With Doom and the mind-controlled Wanda watching from the shadows, She-Hulk is hexed by Wanda and becomes consumed with bloodlust, tearing Vision in half and brutally assaulting Wasp and Captain America.

Ultimately, She-Hulk is subdued by Iron Man and Captain America as Hank Pym joins them and rushes Wasp to the hospital. Returning, Hank reveals to Cap and the team of Iron Man's drunken outburst at the UN and the UN's decision to revoke their charter. As the super-hero community gathers at the mansion, the Avengers do not know that several of the members are constructs created by the possessed Wanda on behalf of Doctor Doom to spy on the Avengers.

As the Avengers fear that Ultron may be behind the attack, Doom orders Wanda to summon an armada of Kree soldiers to attack Manhattan. In the ensuing battle, Hawkeye is killed when his arrows are hit causing their explosives to go off. In his dying moments, Hawkeye takes out a Kree battleship in the blast after taking flight with a commandeered Kree jet pack.

In the wake of Hawkeye's death, Doctor Strange suddenly appears for the first time since the Dark Dimension invasion several months prior. His memories altered due to Baron Mordo's meddling, he immediately suspects Scarlet Witch of being responsible and accuses her of having turned against the Avengers in a fit of madness over the loss of her children, triggered by Wasp's comment about aborting her and Hawkeye's would-be children. Strange, no longer familiar with chaos magic due to Mordo, also assumes that Wanda's ability to launch such a complex scheme indicates that she's a high-level reality warper, and that she must be taken down immediately before she threatens the world in her current mental state.

The Avengers visit Agatha Harkness's home, where the Life Force possessed Wanda has been left alone by Doom to eliminate the Avengers. Summoning an army of constructs, including a version of Rogue and Red Skull and a group of SS troops, the Life Force entity attempts to destroy the Avengers before Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to put Wanda into a coma. However, by this point, Professor X sends Magneto to retrieve Wanda from the Avengers, much to Captain America's dismay and horror. Reluctantly, he allows Magneto to take his daughter with him after he vows to help her.

Issues in story arc:

New Avengers - Issue 21
New Avengers - Issue 22
New Avengers - Issue 23
New Avengers - Issue 24
New Avengers - Issue 25
New Avengers - Issue 26

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