Aphrodite IX - Issue 1/C
Signed by Joe Weems
The Coven - Issue 6/A
Includes certificate
Darkchylde: The Legacy - Issue 1/F
Includes certificate
Lynch Mob - Issue 4
Signed by Roman Morales (left) and Jason Jensen (bottom right)
The Magdalena - Issue 1
Signed by Joe Benitez and Marcia Chen
Razor Uncut - Issue 25/A
Nude edition with Leah Storm on cover and signed by Leah Storm
The Shadow Prophesy - Issue 1
Signed by Jay Balajadia
Spider-Man: The Lost Years - Issue 2
Signed by Klaus Janson 10/95
The Spirit of the Tao - Issue 1
Signed by Billy Tan and D-Tron
Vengeance of Vampirella 1/C
Signed by Buzz and includes signed/drawn backboard


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