New Mutants (3rd Series) - Issue 7

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Issue: 7

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Necrosha: New Mutants, Part 2; Trojan


Necrosha tie-in


Cypher (Doug Ramsey), Hellions, Beef (Buford Wilson), Bevatron (Fabian Marechal-Julbin), Catseye (Sharon Smith), Jetstream (Haroun ibn Sallah al-Rashid), Roulette (Jennifer Stavros), Tarot (Marie-Ange Colbert), Magneto (Erik Magnus), New Mutants, Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh), Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Magma (Amara Aquilla), Moonstar (Danielle Moonstar), Sunspot (Roberto da Costa), Pyro (St. John Allerdyce), Scaleface, Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), Stonewall (Louis Hamilton), Super Sabre (Martin Fletcher), Warlock (cybernetic alien), X-Men, Archangel (Warren Worthington III), Colossus (Peter Rasputin), Cyclops (Scott Summers)

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