Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes - Issue 1

DCSKU: 632464-F

Condition: F
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Issue: 1

Type: None

Variation: None

Printing: 1


The Past… Seen Darkly


Origin of Legion of Super-Heroes; Origin of Cosmic Boy; Origin of Saturn Girl; Origin of Lightning Lad; Origin of Light Lass; Origin of Lightning Lord; Origin of Duo Damsel; Origin of Phantom Girl; Origin of Colossal Boy; Origin of Star Boy


Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Duo Damsel, Phantom Girl, Superboy, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Invisible Kid, Starboy, Brainiac 5, Supergirl, Sun Boy, Shrinking Violet, Bouncing Boy, Ultra Boy, Mon-El, Light Lass, Element Lad, Dream Girl, Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, Shadow Lass, Timber Wolf, Wildfire, Tyroc, Dawnstar, Lucifer 7, Lightning Lord, RJ Brande, Marla Latham, Legion of Super-Heroes, Star Boy

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