Thunderbolts - Issue 104

MarvelSKU: 736492-F

Condition: F
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Issue: 104

Type: None

Variation: None

Printing: 1


Taking Civil Liberties, Part 2


Civil War tie-in


Baron Zemo II, Songbird, Atlas, Mach-IV, Fixer, Blizzard, Swordsman III, Joystick, Radioactive Man, Smuggler, Mr. Fantastic, Yellowjacket III, Captain America, Hercules, Falcon, Beetle, Porcupine, Eel, Mongul, Quicksand, U-Foes, Vector, X-Ray, Vapor, Ironclad, King Cobra, Unicorn, Ox, Blacklash, Whiplash, Bushmaster, Rattler, Snake Marston, Skein, Tatterdemalion, Batroc the Leaper, Vermin, Whirlwind, Dr. Octopus, Henry Gyrich, Dallas Riordan

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