May 24th, 2024 - Added new comics (280+).

May 7th, 2024 - Added new comics (560+).

Apr 19th, 2024 - Added new comics (225+).

Apr 1st, 2024 - Added new comics (85+).

Mar 15th, 2024 - Added new comics, including store exclusives (160+).

We came to the conclusion that it was a challenge to find the comics we needed to complete the series we are collecting.
You have to continuously search for the comics, which costs a lot of time. And you'd rather spent that on reading comics, right?

So the past year we've developed a platform called
A platform for the community and by the community. You can buy, sell or trade comics. Track the comics you want and get notified when available.
The platform also provides claim sales.

It's totally free and no advertisements!!!

Starting with our re-opening, we're holding claim sales on before adding them to the shop.

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